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Natural Calm is the Best Magnesium

Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD on Magnesium and Heart Health:

“We have everything we need in our bodies to heal,” says Sherry Rogers, MD, who, among her many achievements, can lay claim to being a noted author and extensive researcher of molecular biochemistry. “We’ve seen it happen over and over again throughout my 37 years of practice, where folks have healed things for which they’ve been told there’s no known cause, no known treatment.” Dr. Rogers is the author of Detoxify or Die, The High Blood Pressure Hoax, Pain Free in 6 Weeks and many others.  You can check out her newsletter at Prestige Publishing.

She basically found that the medical community categorized all illnesses as “drug deficiencies,” and when drugs failed the only recourse was surgery. She began researching how healing was done prior to today’s widespread reliance on medical doctors; that research took her into the field of natural medicine and, more importantly, into the molecular biochemistry of the body and how it actually heals. Thirty-seven years later, she is semi retired from practice but continues full force as an author (of both books and newsletters) and a researcher, as well as maintaining a phone consultation practice to directly assist those in need. “There are too few people doing what I do,” she says. “Until that void is filled, I’ll never stop writing the newsletters and the books because I feel that’s the main focus — to empower people.

Her thoughts on Heart Health:

As one might guess from the title of her book, The High Blood Pressure Hoax!, another area for which she has gathered plentiful research deals with the number one health issue in America today: heart disease. And today’s treatments—or, more precisely, their omissions—greatly concern Dr. Rogers. “It generally goes like this: folks will arrive at a cardiology clinic with arrhythmia [abnormal heart rhythm] or angina [severe chest pain]. Then they have a million-dollar workup for all the different causes and are prescribed medication. If the medications don’t work, stents [small expandable tubes used for inserting in blocked vessels] are inserted. For atrial fibrillation [a specific type of arrhythmia in which the heart’s two small upper chambers quiver instead of beating effectively] it’s even scarier; if medications fail, patients are given cardioversion, which is basically an electrocution of the heart. They are also given blood thinners, which put patients in great danger of bleeding to death. Blood thinners trigger osteoporosis and do a lot of other damaging things that we’ve included in The High Blood Pressure Hoax!

Part of Dr. Rogers’ consternation deals with the fact that many physicians don’t consider less drastic (and less expensive) natural remedies. Calcium channel blockers are a primary class of drugs prescribed for heart conditions and these can have side effects ranging from unpleasant to serious.  Nature’s calcium channel blocker is magnesium, which has no side effects. Relaxation of muscles—of which the heart is one—is a primary function of magnesium, hence its importance, which Dr. Rogers cannot stress enough. “If you wanted to take the most important, the number one, mineral in the human body that is sorely neglected, and is at the root of just about every disease, and is a component of just about every symptom, it’s magnesium,” she says. “It runs more enzymes than any other mineral in the body—over 400 enzymes. The average American diet, government studies show us, provides only 40%—less than half the magnesium that we all need in a day. So, almost everybody is low!” Magnesium deficiency also relates to another heart health issue, cholesterol. “I have here right in front of me, from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition 2004 Volume 23, a paper from one of the world’s leading experts in magnesium showing how magnesium works just like a statin drug and better,” she says, noting that the number one drug currently prescribed for high cholesterol, Lipitor, is a statin drug. “Magnesium inhibits the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme (HMG-CoA reductase is an enzyme needed by the body to make cholesterol.) that statin drugs work on.  Magnesium promotes an enzyme called LCAT, which can drag cholesterol off the arterial wall and raise the HDL, the good cholesterol, which also is a wheelbarrow that takes the cholesterol off the arterial wall.”

Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm:

The form of magnesium that Dr. Rogers recommends is Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm which she’ll go out of her way to point out is not a sponsored recommendation. “I am not paid by them. I never worked for them. I never received a cent from them!” she laughs. “And that’s one of the things I make sure of in my books and my newsletters. I’m the sole researcher, writer and editor, and I do not take any paid advertisements, or any advertisements at all.” She has recommended Natural Calm for years, she says, since she first discovered it. The reasons—as with all Dr. Rogers’ reasoning—stem from detailed research. First, she is one of few who are actually measuring magnesium levels, along with a host of other nutrient levels, in the body. Hence, she was able to readily observe the best-absorbed form of the mineral. “We would measure levels of magnesium oxide, which is the cheapest magnesium form, and readily available in many health food stores,” she reports. “But it’s less than 50 percent absorbed. Same thing with a lot of the chelates—chelated magnesium is supposed to be wonderful, but you have to take two and three times what the dose says on the bottle to get that level. Whereas with Natural Calm it’s a citrate, plus it’s a powder, and so it’s liquid; you can have it with a lot of water and you’re getting those levels in right away.” She also says she can tell its effectiveness by patients reporting back to her with successes.

Of her approach, Dr. Rogers says, “With a drug, you’re poisoning someone who’s already down and out they already have one foot in the hole. That’s why they have a symptom. The symptom is the very first God-given excuse to say, ‘Whoa! Stop the presses! Let’s look at all the chemistry and find out what’s broken and fix it and get this person cured. Get them back to normal or even, in many cases, better than normal.’

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